it's you what i have left

Yassin Tamam

I was a compass.

Of an erroneous map.

Looking for something.

Other than what I had.

And I was mistaken.

For the decisions I made.

And the path that I took.

In a self-proclaimed land.

I was in danger.

But I am now aware of that.

So, will the broken have a chance to be fixed?

Or will I have to suffer the consequences?

When it wasn’t my fault to start with.

I was a dreamer.

Who looked for a chance.

Or an excuse for a reason.

To be just like that.

Now that I know.

There’s no running from my past.

I am shaping my future.

With everything I have.

And what I have left is a land of ruins.

and I am wandering inside.

A pile of fragmented glass.

May the blood of my feet.

Help baptize my body.

From every touch I received.

From a poisonous plant.

Now I have a reason.

To think I have a chance.

It’s a morning without treason.

Of what I made of a pact.

With you my one and only.

With you my Nile of source.

I am filled with remorse.

I am the result of a curse.

Of an old, wicked man.

But him I stop blaming.

And take the matters in my own hands.

And change how my mind runs.

With everything I have.

With what my soul has left.

With every breath I have.

I try to understand.

The morals, the reasons.

The end of a season.

Of a television screening.

Of the life that I had.

Again, I am a dreamer.

In a self-discovering land.

Marking my present.

With the words you taught me.

Hoping for a future.

With you beside me.

In a lake, in a bank.

In an enormous valley.

Let the water cleanse me.

Let the river take me.

Let the winds blow my sins away.

Let everything be okay.

And feel the love in me.

Connects to what is in my head.

It’s you, my darling.

What I have left.

  • Author: Yassin Tamam (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 2nd, 2024 18:37
  • Category: Religion
  • Views: 4
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  • A.D. Small

    I really enjoyed the way this poem flowed it was so naturally written like a flowing river!!!! Great job!

    • Yassin Tamam

      I am really glad you enjoyed it thanks a lot ❤️❤️❤️

      • A.D. Small

        Your welcome have a great day!!!

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