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I fight with my mom everyday
I fight to make it right every way
Stop just listen don't you hear
I can't stand another tear
Stop the fight
It makes me wanna run away every night
I sit in the bathroom and cry my heart out
"Hello???" I scream before bed
Stop I say
And I always get misread
I'm told that i'm a mystery
Told that not one understands me
Well good your not me, but just
Stop and finally hear me
Can't you not see I'm hurting
Can you see I'm angry
So stop and

I hate that feeling of pain, whenever your in a fight.
It carries throughout the day, and carries throughout the night.
I hate the yelling and anger, I wish it all would stop,
It makes me wanna hide, until the fight would drop.
Stop Stop Stop!
I wish the talk would STOP!
Its breaking me from the inside out, can't you see that I'm Hurt?
Mom and Dad, put yourself in my shoes. If you were me and I were
you, could you fathom the Hurt?

Because all you say is that you know the pain
No you don't, your not me so don't even say
Stop this nonsense please
Just stop for me
I can't take it no more
Just don't

Wrecked, you’ve made such a mess out of me
So tell me, truly, is it so hard to see?
Began doubting my sanity and yours too
But no matter what, I can’t unlove you...
Stop! why aren’t you stopping? Pls for once just let it go
Don’t push me away I’m not your foe
Mom, pls... stop

Your like everyone at school
Always pushing me down
Calling me a mystery
And always being rude to me
Stop I've had enough
It's not funny no more
You're just pushing me to leave out that door
I know because I tried, I know because I cried.
I know because I lied, but my passion can't be hide.
I know but I'm tired, my pain can't leave my side.
Come back I need you, after you my heart became blind.
Stop your just pushing me away
You're the one who broke my heart,
You're the reason my world fell apart.
You're the one who I loved, you're the one who made me cry
You always say you hate to see me hurt.
And you hate to see me cry.
So all those times that you hurt me
Did you close your eyes?
You hurt me more then I deserve,
How can you be so cruel?
Love you more then you deserve,
why am I such a fool?
Your my mom
Are you suppose to do this?

I thought your supposed to be there for me,
Not fill me with emptiness. It used to be love and peace,
And now it's a gruesome dis. I miss when I was younger,
My cheek would share your kiss. We used to be in the light together.
But now it's all darkness.
So I say Stop.
But as I think about it again?
I shouldn't tell you to stop, your supposed to be my friend?
Life is as good as you let it be,
So mom, how would you like to be with me? Again?

You may not be my biological mother,
But your still mine in my heart
So please just open up and let me free
Free to be me
Your really not strict, but now I
Feel sick
Sick of you sick of him sick of everyone
So STOP!!!
I wont put up with it no more
So stop
Or the last time you’ll see me
Is when I’m out that door

The Lord gives second chances. So it's our turn to give to others.
I see mom take those glances, I see she hates the change.
She may not understand, how much pain i'm in. But I would have never guessed, that it goes both ways.
I wish we can be what we used to be. I wish I can feel your love. That I used to see.
The last place you'll see me is indeed through that door. But the next time you see me. I'll be walking
Thought that door. I hate you, when I'm with you.
But when I'm all alone???
I can't seem to forget you. I want to come home.
So I say mom stop. But not just to you, I say it to myself. So we can be again, Two.

Through. 2 B Through With The Foolishness Of Anger & Separation.
Emotion & Feeling All Unfocused & Enraged.
Exchanged Obscenities.
Trusts & Truths Thrown Out The Window.
Pillow, Soaking Wet With Tears.
Years Of Happiness Lost Because Of The Current Times Of Sadness.
Madness. We're Both Tired Of The Stress Of This Mess.
Loss. Daughter Loses Mama As Mama Loses Daughter.
Closer & Closer 2 Us Fussing & Feuding 4ever If WE Don't Get It 2gether: I Can Only Do What I Have 2 Do When U Remember How Much U Really, Really Love Me & Just STOP!

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  • NinjaGirl

    so relatable

  • Lil

    I love this you guys. Tysm!

  • Mason Vollman

    Yes, beautifully written all you.❤️

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