the lost battle


this night is cold in the kingdom
love fades aways
threw the castle no one dares to stay away
as blood strews
the dragon tastes for blood grows
killing only does who claim to be in love
the red scattered roses
and the broken glasses
as it kills living no house on turned
i had a dream
the reality grows in the dark path
killing, destroying and piercings human hearts
the souls missing was the ones who were bound to hate
the ones who were bound to kill
and the ones who were bound to destroy
all those that love will be kill and bound to a dynasty
of pain
that dream , that dream
a dream of pain sorrow and grief
that makes me thing of what the world is bound to be
of what the future might hold a future of good or that of evil
a future of freedom or a future of slavery
the future pain or a future of joy
nether less to say nether to be
i hope i find a place were my heart can be free

  • Authors: dizzzaa
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  • Finished: April 21st, 2024 16:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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