The Body's Rebellion

Prasun Goswami

Today, the body's declared a silent war,
Imprisoned in this restless cage, a net of bones,
I, a guest, an unwanted presence,
The soul's scream drowns in the machinery's hum.
The metal skeleton, nerves clad in grime,
Tremble in electric currents, a continuous scream,
Trapped within this machine, unbearable torture,
Death, it seems, would be far easier.

Dreams fall like dust in the wheel of time,
Eyes, like dying stars, losing their light,
This worn-out body, now just a burden,
Where is the promise of freedom? In the land of endless sleep?
Prison and vessel, all at once,
This body, my enemy today,
I yearn to fly away, into the boundless sky,
To break free from these limitations, to become the wind.

But is death truly freedom?
Or just a silent extinguishing?
Even in this life's torment, there is beauty,
In every breath, in every beat.
This fight will continue, perhaps unending,
Body and soul, locked in an eternal war,
Sometimes the body wins, sometimes the mind,
In the pull of this tug-of-war, creation is born.

New poems bloom in the caverns of pain,
Tears become the current of dreams of liberation,
Amidst this fear of death, the form of life,
The heart searches for the song of its own existence.
The temple of the body, even broken, holds an undying faith,
Even amidst these ruins, the fragrance of creation,
One can sing even while suffocating, let the tears flow,
Death may come, but let the fight continue.

  • Author: Prasun Goswami (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 18th, 2024 12:35
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 4
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