Mason Vollman

So let me ask you this. Are you finally happy now?
That you got your wish of leaving me here in a house full of memories,
Spending all these years to get to where we shared everything?
Never could keep it so clear without you,
Let alone breathe the air.
But I cannot change, the fact that I've been through pain.
Lot of things I just can't explain.
After all, you never loved me while I was here,
So why would you miss me when I'm gone?
It's getting hard when you care about someone so much,
But they don't really feel the same,
And there moving on.
Your no longer here when I'm getting home,
Now the other side of the bed has called.
And I haven't really slept alone in years,
So at night I check my phone,
To see if you still think of me,
Before you lay down,
And they go to sleep.
Because you never text,
You never call,
Don't let me fall.
Babe, rescue me.

I lay awake wondering when you'll call,
Please pick me up before I fall,
Here I am on the ground,
You took a part of me with you now that you're not around.
Maybe it was better for you,
But I miss you too much.
Is it too much to ask,
For you to come back?

Trust me I tried, I tried to cope
But without you there’s just no hope
Even my subconscious haunts me with you
You used me though, I loved you
And that’s the worst part I think
I’d embrace you again cuz that’s how low I’d sink
And you wouldn’t for me
God you’re so cold why can’t you let me be
It’s like you’ve made the universe your bitch
My life’s nothing, just a little glitch
In the grand plans you made just for you
Yet no matter what I do I’m reminded of you

You walked out that door, and I never wanna be that guy to cry. That you left a peice of me to die, babe.
Why did you always gotta feed me these lies?
Telling me that we'd be together.
Even though the recent times, but inside you knew that it's never been enough, for you.
It's true,
You held my feet to the fire,
Cause I wasn't worth the try.
Am I so goddamn worthless, hurting inside.
while your still fine, Bye,
I don't want to be here anymore,
Hope you find.
Everything your looking for,
But don't come running back no more.
Cause being with you is only torture,
I am never going backwards,
I am only moving forewards.

And with this I say
Please dont do this not my day
I love you baby
But you shut me away
I still dont get it why
Why are you so cold to me
What did I do

You forgot about the house,
You forgot about the ring,
I remember everything.
I just wanna hear you sing.
I remember the love, right after the fights,
You can't tell me you don't remember those nights.
And if I would cry,
Then you would cry twice,
To me you are the greatest star under sunlight.
You see? Take away my title,
Take away my stripes.
You give me back my girl and you give me back my life.
See, this is just a nightmare,
So I blinked twice,
Open up my eyes hoping she be in my sight.

What was I thinking,
How could I be wrong,
If you don't love me,
I have to move on.

Who is the architect of this despair,
You're locked in water I'm trapped in the air,
Who do we assign to this circus of lies,
Who must account for the dust in our eyes?
Audience or Act is no cause to weep
Voiced or silent we will all end in sleep.

Right now I miss you,
During the storms I need you.
I think and hope and wish I can see you,
I miss your hand,
The warm feel.
The shock in the chest,
I can't even fathom.
Your heart is a rock,
Was I just a random?
You wanted better,
Was I getting old?
Made me mad man.
How could you be so cold?
If there is a next time, I'll watch yourself
Can you feel it in the air?
Are love is falling everywhere.
Cause you don't want me.
No, you don't want me.

And maybe one day
Years from today
You’ll realise what you lost
What your ego cost
And I won’t be there no more
I won’t hold you like before
Cuz there’s still someone for me out there
Searching for me everywhere
SoI call out to him, don’t despair...
My love I am here.

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  • Your_dreams

    This one was fun😂😂👏

  • Lil

    I love it soooooo much. Like ya´ll said it was a fun one!

  • Mason Vollman

    Yes, indeed. Thank you.

  • A.D. Small

    Sadly I was too slow to hit the deadline but you all did fantastic great job everybody!!!!

  • Thoughtless

    I was away too long. I liked the poem.

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