Made in His Image


We are made in His Image,who could want more,
To be so closely resembling the One that we was made for,
Being so perfectly formed, each and every one,
Being molded by God's own hands, until He deemed us done,
We are made in His image, so perfectly created,
Each of us brothers and sisters and so closely related,

And even though we all may not like each other
We all are still sisters and brothers
We were all made in his image
Because we inspire every one
Not just you or me ,but the whole world
So listen please we were all
All made in his image
We may not be perfect, but thats alright

We are each uniquely made in his image; or haven’t you heard? If not; you’ll find the proof in his word. We are not accidents. We are His creation. We have a purpose here. I’ve come to the realization. In His image we can see beyond our flaws. We can allow Him to knock down our many walls. Love greater than ever before; we are in His image His children; now and forevermore!

Being made in his image is perfect for me
For with his own two hands he parted the sea
He created each mountain that I'm destined to climb
He created my vocals for which I choose to rhyme
He created each of us to be different in our own way
So thank you Lord for these beautiful hands
to you I pray

In His image, we're crafted with care,
Each soul a spark, a breath of rare,
In every smile, His love we share,
In every trial, His grace we bear.
From dust to stars, we brightly gleam,
In His likeness, we find our dream.

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