I am in love!


Notice of absence from Lil
If I don't respond in a few minutes I am probably at School, sleeping, with family/ friends, or forgot to bring my device.

Its Saturday night and your all alone
Makes me feel uneasy to the bone
But at the look of you
It is easy to fall for you too
When me and you stood in the rain staring at each other
Flowers Is all I could smell, not like any other
My heart was racing when we talked
You always showed how you cared even when we walk
And in that same night you told me you loved me
And in that same sight we took all night for us to see what we could be
With the smell of your cologne it makes
me dizzy when your close I can smell it
Even if I was down in Texas
I'd go anywhere for you
If you promise to be there too
He is sweet, caring, and has amazing eyes. .And doesn't make me cry
Through an endless diamond sky
You make anyone smile. From a mile. If I didn't know you. I wouldn't know what to do.
Promise me that all you say is true
When we were in the pool. You were just you.
Take my hand, take my whole life too
You have an American smile like a child. And eyes so bright.
I feel your whisper across the sea
They last a few years. But with you they may last my dear.
When the rain is pouring down
I am in love
Sunshine on a beach. Or ice cream in a seat.
And all I want to do is wander
When we were in the pool. You were just you.
And pleasin’ together forever through rain or whatever
You have an American smile like a child. And eyes so bright.
You’ll hear the music fill the air
Because with you I am in love!

I wish you could hear what my friend has been saying
She says you’re all I talk about anymore, so she’s praying
Praying you don’t hurt me, wreck me, leave me
But she hasn’t seen the look in your eyes when you look at me
She says she’s never seen me so happy in my life
And you better keep it that way unless you want her to use her knife
I laughed
Right before I took her hands and we danced
I know she approves, she said she wanted to meet you
Cuz you’re the person who makes my dreams come true

Your also the person I see
Who sees me as me
You dont judge at all
It makes falling for you easier
She may be like this and you already know
The stuff you do will eventually make you fall
But lets not worry okay we are happy
And thats all that really matters
Is our happiness
I am in love only with you
No other dude, but only you

It's only you I think of at night,
It's only you that makes me right.
When I'm angry, you tame the fight,
And when I'm lost you give me sight.
I always think about you when we're apart,
When everything else seems to get worse,
You'll still be the remedy to my heart.
Some decisions I've made, weren't the best.
But when I look at you there's no regrets,
You'll always be the bird to my nest.
I love you babe, you know you're the best.
With you in my life I feel so blessed,
My feelings for you are different from the rest.
With the love you've shown there's so much to gain,
Before I met you my rope was fraying,
But you pulled me out of the pit of shame,
If you weren't here I'd go insane!
The simple word "Love" sounds so plain,
But the feeling it gives you just can't explain!

I Am N Love!
Love Is Something When It Can B Shared With That Special Someone 2 The Utmost.
Lost N Thoughts Of Her. I Alwayz Want 2 B With Her, 2 Keep Being N Love.
Love, You've Brought Me From The Depressions Of Hell & On Back 2 The Heaven Of Being Alive, Living.
Loving, U Only My Dear. Already, We're Back On The Phone Talking 2 Each Other. Yeah, I'm N Love.

When we´re on the phone I feel at home
Like how I am with you I have no clue
But all I know is I am in love
In love with you

And you know what, I think you’re the one
But why isn’t that thought making me want to run?
Why do I feel safe in your embrace?
Why do you make my heart race?
Why do I miss you the moment we break apart?
How the hell did you conquer my heart
Cuz now there’s only one thing I know
I am truly and endlessly in love with you

They say young love, never tends to last.
But when I look at our love, so big and so vast,
The powerful force, the warm embrace,
Where did you go? I want to see your face.
When I need you most, your there for me,
When I lay in my bed, in the dark of the night,
I think about you, and my mind starts to light.
I hope this lasts forever, it feels so right.
Because I love you, and your the only one.
After you there'll be no one.
You are the one, I love with all my might,
The one I'm thinking of every night.
The one that helps me make things right,
The one I dream of when I sleep at night.
The one I think of when I hug my pillow tight,
The one I'm not giving up on without putting up a fight.
So let me tell you this,
The words are simple...
I'm in love with you.

Even when others tell me I shouldn't be with you
I tell them if they aren't happy then why are they staying
Why are you not just leaving if you cannot support me
There is no point in having your there
If you can't see what I see then LEAVE
Because I am in love
You're not me so why even be
You're not who I thought you were if you can't see

Everyone say I'm easy to sway,
I'm too delicate and frail
And I can easily break.
I accept,
I'm neither a nine-lived cat
Nor I'm I immune to breakfast
It's a matter of the heart, but I trust you that much
To freely fall from the my heart's crest
With my eyes closed into your hands.
You're my safety net for a rebound,
You won't let me hit the ground.
That's to say I love you without excuse.

I will love you for as long as I go on
I will see you for my heart will stay alive
Every night I spent crying in your lap is a new chapter

  • Authors: Lil-M-M (Pseudonym), Your_dreams, M.C. Vollmann, Broken Ankh, Jou Wilder
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  • Finished: April 25th, 2024 18:09
  • Limit: 11 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Okay so me and Dom have alr said the I luv u ´ s and tbh he just melts me when I look at him I cant breathe I just LOVE him sooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!
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  • Mason Vollman

    Nice write. ❤️

    • Lil

      With ur help it was. Ty anyways!!

    • Parisab

      This magic of first love is real! So happy for you and the lucky one with the “American Smile”:)

      • Lil

        TY we all made it like this!

      • mirrorball

        GODDDD!! this is awesome and reminds me of someone that i dont talk to now. its put so nicely together. i love the honesty here so much.

        • Lil

          Ty I mostly got inspired b I dont know how to tell my bf how much I love him bc there aren't any words that will help.

          • mirrorball

            that's a normal feeling! don't worry as time goes it'll be easy for u to tell him

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          • Jou Wilder

            Good work here!

            • Lil

              Thank You!

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