Dev Parth

In the labyrinth of time, it slipped away,
Lost amidst the echoes of yesterday.
Like a fading dream at break of day,
It vanished silently, without a stay.
In the void it leaves, a whispering ache,
Memories flutter, fragile as a snowflake.
In the heart's chamber, a mournful wake,
For what once bloomed, now forsake.
Through tears that fall like gentle rain,
I search for solace, but find only pain.
In the silence, I call out in vain,
Hoping against hope to find it again.

Again, I Lost It.
S*it & Shoot!
Salute, Forgetfulness Or Foul Play.
Pray, Pray, & Pray I Find It Soon. Lord, I Need It So.
Glow Of My Frustrated Energies As I Search & Search. Backtracking Ain't Working.
Worrying & Wondering "How Could I Do This, Again?"

Solace eludes me me again:
Like the silent buzzing of the busy bee,
Like the decaying expanse of endless roses,
Like the depleting scenting essence of fertile petal,
Like the gone aesthetic greenness of lifeless woods.
But I hope on hope that I find it again.

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