Mason Vollman

Imagine a nation upon innovation, imagine a world above recreation, Imagine a family above separation? Imagine more knew about His creation, Imagine there wasn't a race of baby's raised hating Him. Imagine people understood, you can't out great Him. Imagine people lived, to simply illuminate Him. If they simply knew Him, there life wouldn't be dimming in.
What do you believe? The Big Bang? Where A Bang is normally destruction, But in this case its creation? Or do you believe we used to be monkeys? Tomorrow we'll be ogre's and the next day we'll be boogers? Do you believe in inflation? This is insane! What next a space invasion? This is all fucked up, You can't just lend her? I wish I could say stop! But no.. Now there's 48 genders. "They wouldn't do that! There here to protect us?" No.. You retard, why don't you surrender. All your brains must have faded. If they were here to protect us, then what is M.A.I.D? There lies are so tall, huh? What's that button do when you accidentally fall? It kills you dude! "Don't worry, they said its painless." Slowly moves into your veins, Until it hits your brain kid. I'll tell you what this is, It's clearly insane! And when they run out of fluid, What then? Being thrown in front of a train? Imagine people's minds weren't this insane.

But if they were why?
Is it all what I imagine
Is it all I see for the one in front of me

Indeed its in front of us all,
But most cant see,
they see the truth coming, then they run up a tree.
They cant stand tall, cant take a stand,
there scared in there homes,
lost in the range.
They wont stand up, There afraid of change.
One of us simply, cant change this weather,
but all of us put together?
She wants to go to church,
Let her.
What you think it's too late now?
It's never too late, to fix a nation.
But what about a generation?
This generations ruined now,
all we can do is imagine,

Generation upon generation going down the drain
Cuz there’s just too many religions, they’re going insane
Come on people use your brain
What is the one thing they have that’s same?
You seem to like being stuck in your cage
All you do is, about the world you rage
The world will drown you, if you don’t have Him by your side
Growing awareness, I can see the change of the tide
People getting up along for the ride
We’ll no longer run, no longer hide
Your Lord is Eternal, the Giver, the the Protector
Do you think He wouldn’t know about every factor?
That influences you to take your decisions
Tell me where is your voice of reason?
Do you think this world is by chance, perhaps?
To think I was once one of you, I never wanna relapse
I was just a wanderer, my life a clear night
No sun to guide me, to give me light
There was no purpose, no end in sight
And I would’ve ended it all had I not soon found what was right
So all of of you like me, not satisfied with the answers you are given
Just open the Quran and read, and let there be no compulsion in religion

The book was written by men long after he died up on that cross
The message was clear and it was not only about the loss
But being responsible for the actions that you take everyday
And the constant reminder of what you eventually must pay
We came from monkey's I must strongly and clearly disagree
I have firm rooted beliefs in the Creator who made me
And when this journey of mine ceases to exist and I return home
After the hello's I'll ask them to read this group fusioned poem

Imagine a man being kind,
without any benefit to himself.
Imagine a Mother with so much Love,
That she would die to save her baby girl.
Imagine a young man,
Sitting near a mountain he was going to climb,
Instead he sat there and smiled at its beauty.
Imagine his girlfriend happy that he doesn’t,
feel the need to compete for her Love.
Imagine a young girl,
Not afraid to walk proudly into the night.
Imagine a father explaining to her that,
Life is not a chore but a blessing.
Imagine an old man going in for an operation,
to remove a cyst on the brain.
He is not concerned. He passes away in the night.
Imagine his contented smile because he had a good life.
Imagine a crippled boy,
Waking up with tears of joy.

Because he now knows the Lord will Never leave him,
That the Lord loves him,
And all his blessings the Lord gave from above to him.
He now knows He is the one,
That darkness has already been overcome,
And there will be a winner but there will only be one.
Imagine not believing that?
You'd be lost.
So we need to stand up for those who feel shocked.
It's time to make a change,
Not just a verbal wrath,
Before the question arises,
Life or death,
Guns already drawn,
"Do you trust, and follow Jesus?"

Imagine a life worth living
No horrors but
Future's brimming with
The possibility of Eternal Love.
Young to old
Futures made of gold.
Not monetary but
Of weights worth sharing.
Walking away from the frequencies blaring
Distorting our lives
True pairings.
Is it too much to ask
Too hard of a task to
Love thy neighbor.
We're all one in the same. Yet,
Most are still locked in this game. Minds
hard to reframe
To see that
Is all we need.
Connections and the truths it brings
Saving ourselves
False promises for
Manufactured wealths.
But we're meant for something greater
Than dancing with their devils.
Imagine a world
So pure and so free.
Everlasting beauty
For all eternity.
But we kick off our shoes lie back
And watch TV. Poisoning
That this life brings.
Diluting the true song
Our hearts sing.

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