I collect scars
And one day hope
You'll see how much
You really hurt me

Scars tell stories etched upon our skin,
Whispers of battles fought and hearts undone,
Lines that trace the way to our survival,
Fierce reminders of the strength we've won.
Each mark, a memory carved by fate,
Proof we endure, despite the weight.

The scars I suffered
Are to your disgrace
Healing come
Leave beauty
And grace.

I will not let these scars define me
I will absolutely not let them haunt me
For this world is already enough as it is
We dont need anymore sins
Each scar tells us¨ Oh WOW! You did that good job!¨
But each time we get one it makes us believe we failed
And with no doubt with these scars
They will stay

It just came to mind,
The secret revealed
If I remember correctly
By scars we are healed!

I refuse to let the scars of life control me,
The love of the Lord set me free,
Scars are reminders of how far I've come,
I will admit I've got some,
Some are shallow some are deep,
But they all there to remind me,
Of how much I've learned and how I've grown,
Of how I'm free from the pain I've known,
So the scars I have, I wear with pride,
Because now I am free and no longer hide

To be free and to be heard
You can show compassion without uttering a word
Scars till the soil helping us grow
In ourselves the roots are far from a row
A seed we are while waiting to break free
My scars I will wear brightly now that I know
The one who will break me and then help me learn to flow

You may think you know,
But no you don't.
You think you know me,
But your simply wrong.
You think we've been together forever,
But it hasn't been long.
And all these scars I've saved,
Weren't just from your arms.
I wish I knew how to break you down,
I've been beaten, and left on the ground,
If I listen, I can hear a slight sound,
New scars forming, all around.
I don't get it, do you not feel?
When I was found,
You didn't think it be real?
I used to think you were great.
You helped me when times got hard,
I used to watch your tears illuminate.
One day your here for me to hold,
The next your gone?
The scars you gave me,
You can't see,
Because there not physical,
Like you and me,
There mental,
How can feel a mental being,
If your not the one, to withhold thee.
So don't say you know my scars,
Mental can be worse than being hit by a car,
What you know is simply to far,
You don't know nothing about my scars.

You think you can fool others
No you cant because we´ve all seen your true colors
Your nothing but an insecure person
For leaving me with the burns and scars
You cant change it you cannot go back

However I can forgive even when I can't forget
Keep my scars as a memory
Not of love or of a loss
Neither a painful burden
Instead my scars are my power
Of all the knowledge I now hold

To never be forgotten
But lived
Scars are now apart of me
With ever sin

You wounded me
Each time killing a piece of me
You scarred me
Each scar painting a villain in me
You created me
When I speak the truth you call it lies
You fear me
My voice strong and it never dies
You strengthen me
With each wound healed into a scar
You freed me
It's you that's afraid I'll go too far

At some point I realized that the words were too big to ever leave my mouth
So I slit my arms instead, hoping that the blood would carry them out.
But the relief was always temporary, for the wounds would always close
Blood can carry much, but never the full weight of all my lows.
And thus the cycle would continue, new scars appearing one by one
It seems the experiences I tried to flee from can never be outrun.
Thus my scars will forever be a reminder of the pain I have endured
And of the girl that kept on living, even through all the hurt.

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