Dear Karl Marx

Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla

Dear Karl Marx

Thank you for your generous knowledge production that has changed the lives of billions of workers across space and time. I know how much you suffered due to antisemitism, feudalism, capitalism, and casteism. Thank you for guiding us on the right path to fight democratically. I know how much you suffered when Nazis and antisemitism were haunting you down to kill you and your beloved seven children and wife. I know the pain you suffered when you lost six children in front of you during your refugee time. I did lose two children, one to honor killings by Hindus in India and another to German's racism in Germany. We both have shared experiences with Nazis and Hindus. We both lost our children in front of our eyes. I love you for what you did to humanity against feudalism or capitalism through your powerful theories against feudalism and capitalism. You suffered due to your Jewish background, whereas I suffered due to my untouchable caste background. We are both victims of Hinduism, Islam, Nazism, and Christianity.

  • Author: Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 1st, 2024 03:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: “Never Again, 2010, July 4, 2023”. 2010 is the year my first unnamed baby was a victim of honor killing in India. It is Hindu terrorism against humanity. July 4, 2023, is the date when my second baby boy, Stanford Suryaraju Mattimalla, was killed by a forceful vaccination by a German gynecologist in Germany.
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