The Truth About Good Luck Macbeth Theatre...


The curtain closes when I leave;

A gentle rose does not need followers

I shall stay away from narcissists

And the dark holes that follow them

For I am the leader of my own pact

And the stage is mine

Whenever I want it--

Whenever I want it, the stage is mine

And no one can devalue me

For my presence is mine

And all of the curtains I have closed

Are mine;

So don't tell me that I am pure

And don't tell me that I am blind

For love is triumph, as I love myself

For there is something so obscene about a non-human

You can't take my rose, you can't have it, no

I open my eyes

And I see you clearly

For these rose-colored glasses are in the trash

For the truth about theatre is ugly

The wild faces that have no glare

The passion that is impaired

Wholeheartedly, I feel sorry for the gentleman

With tattoos in his hair

Good Luck Macbeth Theatre...may you someday close down

With all of your alcoholics

And narcissistic pals--

I cannot believe I'm dancing

On thin water;

I'd rather die than to be in theatre

For without it, I have my peace of mind...

You can keep your champagne

You can keep your lesbian pride,

For 'pride' is a word that shouldn't be used

Because you don't know what pride is--

For we are all people with hearts

Just the majority of human beings throw theirs away--

Adopt me! Adopt me!

Says no one,

How will you ever grow

When you don't even learn?

Never, never again...

Good Luck Macbeth Theatre...there goes your magic hour

For the smell of alcohol tempts me

For I am an alcoholic.

What a shame we couldn't be best friends

For I feel relentless now;

This gentle rose has beautifully died

And there is a sparrow in my eye

Good Luck Macbeth! Good Luck Macbeth!

I'd rather see you die in the flames

For there is no use for you anymore

I am free from the bondage you've spared.    

  • Author: Soul Baby (Pseudonym) (Online Online)
  • Published: May 11th, 2024 16:27
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 4
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