Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Mason Vollman

My God, my God, Why have you forsaken me?

You stand between me,

In the troubles of my deity.

After all I've done, praising all you've made,

through these dark times, you didn't rush my aid.

I stand stunned,

knowing you're the one,

next to you there's none,

but my pain hasn't been tamed,

and now my heart wants to run.

I still can't see,

this blur has faded, times three.

I can see my bones,

they stare and gloat over me.

You made me trust you since birth, I can't overcome,

I've been whipped on the back,

shirtless and It hurts.

But Lord, Do not be far off!

I know what would happen if this stopped,

this is bigger than my loss.

So take my feelings and toss,

I'm a selfish piece of trash, 

I've been left to rot,

dropped in the flames where it's hot,

there's a hand reaching in to pull me out, 

but my sin is in between,

I can't hold on, throughout.

So I shout in this poem,

I want to glorify your name,

but I've been forsaken,

I'm lost and I'm lame,

I've been hit by a train a thousand times,

so I call out, Oh Lord,

Let me lift your name,

I find in Him no fault at all, 

yet He gets all the blame.

Let Me Fly!

Pontius, How does being punished and let go,

lead up to being crucified?

Even if it was false information,

did He deserve to die?

Is this a pathetic attempt to lie,

that you failed to imply?

Many attempt to mock me,

many encompass me,

after all we've been through together,

Why you trying to drop me?

Why have you forsaken me,

why are you so far from saving me?

I stand here looking at the back you've turned on me,

My God, my God,

Why have you forsaken me?

  • Author: Mason Vollman (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 17th, 2024 19:42
  • Category: Spiritual
  • Views: 17
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  • orchidee

    Maybe not forsaken you, but can He see you with that bag on your head?! lol.

    • Mason Vollman

      I dont know, it is a pretty thick bag....

    • sorenbarrett

      How we all feel forsaken at times this poem evokes feelings of pain and a questioning of why. Well written

    • Thad Wilk

      Very poignant 😢 and
      emotional indeed!
      A thought provoking
      poem and my pleasure
      to read!! 👍
      Best regards ☕. Thad

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