Ink-Stained Solace


 In the depths of my soul, a fire burns bright

A flame that flickers with every heartbeat

A yearning to create, to bring forth the light

To weave words into tapestries that dance in the night


The blank page stares back, a daunting sight

A challenge to conjure beauty from the void

The cursor blinks, a taunting rhythm in flight

As I struggle to give voice to the emotions employed


The demons they whisper, a chorus of doubt

That I'm not enough, that my words will fall flat

But I silence them with each carefully crafted line

As the art of poetry becomes my solace, my shrine


With every verse, a piece of myself I impart

A fragment of my soul, laid bare on the page

The weight of my worries, slowly starts to depart

As the words flow forth, a cathartic, healing stage


The stress and the anxiety, they begin to unwind

As I master my emotions, one stanza at a time

The world outside fades, and I am left behind

With the gentle hum of my creativity, my heart's rhyme


In this journey of self-expression, I find my peace

A sense of purpose, a reason to release

The tangled threads of my mind, slowly start to cease

As the poetry flows, a soothing balm, a world to appease


The darkness that once haunted, begins to recede

As the light of my art, illuminates the path I need

The shadows that loomed, start to dissipate and fade

As I find my voice, my true self, in the words I've made


With every poem, a piece of myself I reclaim

A fragment of my soul, redeemed from the flames

The fire that once burned, now a warm, gentle glow

As I find solace, in the art that I create, and grow


In this journey of poetry, I find my true north

A compass that guides me, through life's turbulent forth

The words that I weave, a safety net, a haven from the storm

As I find my center, my heart, my soul, reborn


In the end, it's not about the words, or the rhyme

But about the journey, the healing, the heart's crime

To create something beautiful, something true

A reflection of myself, a work of art, anew.

  • Author: David Hurlburt (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 27th, 2024 03:22
  • Category: Spiritual
  • Views: 4
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