An Empty Space


in summer time beneath its shade 

my children drank their lemonade 

its branches stretched its branches swayed 

in garden safety there they played 


this cypress gifted tiny cones

for me it represented home 

it stood there proudly on its own 

my children now are fully grown 


all living things on earth must pass 

this friend of mine has breathed its last 

my grey eyes now are downwards cast 

a drawn out death prolonged not fast 


and soon i’ll witness from my door 

an empty space forever more 

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  • orchidee

    A sensitive write Cassie.
    Here's a poem I hope won't be true. It starts: 'In summer time it rained every day....' lol. We need rain though - just not always!

    • Cassie58

      My summers have plenty of sun Orchi , even when it rains lol. Have a great Wednesday and thanks for checking in.

    • David Wakeling

      A wonderful sonnet.well constructed.A little touch of reality here.Beautiful imagery that took to that place.

      • Cassie58

        Many thanks David for your warm and encouraging response. Pleased you enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely Wednesday.

      • Teddy.15

        Dear Cassie what a treat So very beautiful and a sonnet too, wow. 🌹

        • Cassie58

          Thank you dear Teddy. It is not a perfect sonnet, I know, but it’s the way the muse spoke to me that day. Really pleased you enjoyed my poem. The good news is that our garden is now much lighter and we have views of many trees in the distance, not seen before. A positive out of a negative.🌹

        • Bella Shepard

          Such a beautiful poem for such a beautiful tree your cypress, mouring it's impending loss as an old friend. Being a tree lover, I found this very touching and relatable.

          • Cassie58

            Thank you so much Bella. Pleased that you are also a tree lover. I mourned the thought of the loss. When the cypress was felled, and I couldn’t see that, the outcome has since been positive. Far more light and a view in the distance of many beautiful trees. A lesson in turning a negative into a positive. Have a lovely day poet.

          • Neville

            Because I feel that I somehow know the background story to this .. I can not but help feel a sense of genuine sadness and loss .. a fine poem indeed for a very special member of the family .. Neville

            • Cassie58

              Aye, it was a loss Neville, more-so the thought of the tree being felled. Since then, we have light. Much more and a beautiful view of many trees in the distance. A lesson in turning a negative into a positive. Thank you my friend. Have a lovely day.

            • Doggerel Dave

              Your poem surrounds, encloses that empty space Cassie, and preserves it. Thanks.

              • Cassie58

                Thanks Dave. The empty is also brimful of lovely memories. The poem is a memorial. I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great day.

              • sorenbarrett

                Sad and nostalgic at the same time. It calls out with memories and the acknowledgement that time passes and things change. Nice Cassie

                • Cassie58

                  Thank you sorenbarrett. I appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts. Have a happy Thursday.

                • aDarkerMind

                  as has already been said....
                  very touching.

                  • Cassie58

                    Many thank yous for stopping by to leave your thoughts. Pleased you enjoyed your visit.

                  • Thomas W Case

                    Powerful and poignant.

                    • Cassie58

                      Thank you Thomas for your thoughts. Have a great day.

                    • jim56

                      lovely touching poem
                      heartfelt well done Cassie

                      • Cassie58

                        Thank you Jim. Pleased you enjoyed my poem about the felling of a much loved tree from my garden. It has certainly improved the light and we have a completely new outlook.

                        • jim56

                          you are a very talented writer
                          love the story of the tree
                          put to verse brilliant xxx
                          keep writing

                        • Neilton

                          A very touching poem indeed! They cut almost all the trees in my neighborhood and no matter how dramatic it may sound i will miss them forever. Your poem truly moved me !

                          • Cassie58

                            Thank you for your touching response Neilton. I have such an affinity with trees. Couldn’t even be present when this one was felled. It just hurt too much. Have a lovely day.

                          • Thad Wilk

                            A wonderfully penned,
                            touching and evocative
                            poem I must say.
                            My pleasure indeed
                            to read today! 👏
                            Best wishes 🌹 Thad

                            • Cassie58

                              Thank you so much Thad for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging review. Pleased you enjoyed my poem. All the best.

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