I an broken inside,
This much I know.
Being broken means breaking others,
It is not on purpose,
But it happens anyway.
Little by little,
Piece by piece,
Until they are just as broken as you.
And you do not realize you are breaking them,
Until they leave you more broken than before
By leaving you behind.

It's hard to cope, in the pain we find,
When you've been trampled on,
And left behind,
You left me in the dust,
And now I'm blind,
I'm broken deeply in the heart and the mind,
We used to ignite what we now decline,
What I once felt inside has been refused and denied.
I'm broken and hurt,
Oh Please Stop This Crying,
My pains been defined,
Since you left me behind.

Broken Body.
Broken Dreamz.
Broken Heart.
Broken Promise.
Broken Spirit.

You need not mention it.
I am broken, I am aware.
How can I not be?
My days on this planet
Which have you in them
Intertwined in every fissure
Has left me beyond broken
For you have stranded me
And I have no sense of self.
Every knowledge I had,
I have no more, except pain.
So tell me my dear,
How can I not be broken!?

Broken once.
Broken twice.
Broken, broken,
More, more and more.
A hive has no future without a queen.
I have this queer feeling that by sunrise, I miss the sun's view.

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