At The End Of The Pier With My Telephone Line


at the end of the pier with my telephone line

fishing for words now all numbers have gone.

my breathing out of sync

with  bottle-neck stars in a pocket of wind

my mind swimming acres of sea.


I have sank my advent calander

two days away from chocolates in a box.

full-circle this, this back-to-front behind.

the fertile woman lost at sea

from Black Oak Arkansas.


she circled once my heart in dead-of-night

danced me through a sandstorm in her peticot and pearls.

her love of light on a pathway to sublime

I kissed her feet, her symbols of the sea.

her perfumed hands no world would ever see.


not knowing is the cruelest month I know.

death only lives the second time we die.

I've come by this from fiend to honest man.

too many times a drunk of endless whit

with shifting moods through hells dark alleyways.


I have drowned my devils jukebox

now I walk as tall as only love knows how

with a heart of better flavour for the angry gods to seeth.

take me for all eternity my friends.

and I will pray you all remember me;







  • Author: Melvin James (Pseudonym) (Online Online)
  • Published: June 9th, 2024 02:09
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 23
  • User favorite of this poem: Teddy.15.
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  • Teddy.15

    An extreme amount of sadness and regret, as you always do dear Melvin you write with an extraordinary amount of passion and love it shows in each line, 2 days away from opening the chocolates makes me think of Christmas day. The very vision of you at the end of the pier something I feel great sadness to see. Kudos sir once again. 🌹

    • aDarkerMind

      yes Teddy, another sad one.
      I lost my internet before I finished it tho.
      just a hint of a happy ending.........perhaps.

      have a wonderful day.

    • Tony36

      Sad, but a great write

      • aDarkerMind

        thanks for the read,
        and for stopping by with a comment.

        most kind.

        • Tony36

          You're welcome

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        • Cassie58

          You convey sadness here with such passion. Your lines remind me of Dylan Thomas. He had a remarkable way with words too. So many original lines. Fabulous poetry.

          • aDarkerMind

            thank you so much Cassie.

            a kind and very touching comment.

          • peto

            You have an excellent way with words
            Can't help but get a deep reflection/self inventory vibe
            1st I've read from you
            Won't be the last

            • aDarkerMind

              thank you very much peto.

              very kind of you to drop by and comment.

            • Neilton

              I truly enjoyed your poem! Although sad and melancholic I was amazed by your talent!

              • aDarkerMind

                am deeply touched with your comment Neilton....I truely am.

                thank you.

              • orchidee

                So was I, with my mobile, but - as people do - I wasn't looking where I was going and fell off the end of the pier! lol.
                Am I telling porkies?

                • aDarkerMind

                  me thinks you're telling porkies orchidee ;o)

                  • orchidee

                    I am The Birdman sometimes, so I say. me wings fell off and I plunged off the pier! lol.

                  • Thomas W Case

                    Your mind and creativity are amazing. Powerful work.

                    • aDarkerMind

                      for your words of support Thomas, as always,
                      thank you my friend.

                    • Doggerel Dave

                      Hey there, Melvin. What are you up to? The 'Send Comment' box has suddenly and mysteriously reappeared here for me after a very long absence. 'Like to clarify your position or retreat back to safety?🤣...... Not that I can recall ever engaging with you anyway!!

                      • aDarkerMind

                        hi Dave, am a little confused myself.
                        found several names on my blocked-list.
                        as we have never engaged in any kind of chat I dont know why.
                        retreat back to safety?
                        had plenty of bad comments, none of which have scarred me,
                        have read some of your comments on others and you speak your mind as we all do.
                        other than that, have a nice day ;o)

                        • Doggerel Dave

                          Fair enough, Melvin. I'm aware from personal experience that the system here can do some irrational things at times, so on that basis, I'm prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt!! 😂

                          Take care of yourself.

                        • Thad Wilk

                          Powerful penning,
                          really pulls on the
                          heartstrings. 🎻
                          Really captivating and
                          awesome use of
                          Much enjoyed!!
                          Best regards poet!
                          Peace ✌️ Thad

                          • aDarkerMind

                            thank you Thad Wilk.
                            a very kind comment very much appreciated,

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