With my


With my heart sinking into the ocean’s depths,

With my mind swirling amidst the chaos,

With my soul unquenched by a deathening thirst,

With my bones crushed under lightning’s thrust,

With my veins pierced by the prick of thorns,

With my skin slashed by shards of glistening glass,

With my eyes quivering in a flood of tears,

With my neck slitted with a rusted knife…

  • Author: Dharchika (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 9th, 2024 06:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: When I wrote this poem, I aimed to capture the raw essence of my emotional and psychological turmoil. Each line reflects a different aspect of the intense suffering I was experiencing at that time. The imagery of my heart sinking into the ocean’s depths represents my overwhelming sadness and the feeling of being submerged in sorrow. My mind swirling amidst chaos speaks to my mental state, where thoughts were disordered and uncontrollable. The unquenched thirst of my soul symbolizes a deep, existential longing for meaning and fulfillment that felt impossible to attain. The physical descriptions of my bones crushed, veins pierced, and skin slashed are metaphors for the emotional pain that felt almost tangible, as if my spirit was being physically torn apart. The flood of tears and the slitted neck with a rusted knife add to the portrayal of despair, emphasizing a sense of hopelessness and the dire need for release. Through this poem, I wanted to convey the intensity of my internal struggle, to give voice to the anguish that was consuming me. It’s a brutally honest reflection of a moment where I felt utterly lost and broken. By expressing this pain so vividly, I hoped to connect with others who might have felt the same way, to let them know they are not alone in their suffering.
  • Category: Sad
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  • sorenbarrett

    Raw and full of emotional power. The last line "With my neck slitted with a rusted knife…" is very powerful.

    • Dharchika

      Thanks a lot..

    • peto

      A brutal honesty that only enhances the write
      I enjoy a lot of poetry
      But for me you can't beat real and this is as real as it gets
      Keep writing

      • Dharchika

        Thanks a lot.. means a lot...

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