In Dreams of Love With No Cure

A Boy With Roses

Fuck yeah, I love this beautiful mess 
Love bite on my neck 
Filth is my kink
Goon boy 
Psycho paradise 
I meet a stranger and fall in love 
Can I hang out with you tonight? 

From the meltwater rivers to the Northern Lights
From the meltwater rivers to the Northern Lights 

Like a diamond in the rough
Trapped in a snare
I wait in my shell, breathing in the dark
Electric pulse
I feel insignificant, without your affection
I miss you, dancing in a jockstrap 
Drunken nights of lust blossom between us
That temporary high
When everything melts and floats away 
I wonder where you are
Singing dewdrops, fleeting trance 
Counting the lines on my palms
I wonder, who are you?
Grief spiked with strangers
In dreams of love with no cure 
Friends glitter with new melodies
A thousand ways to fall in love and die 
Can I hang out with you tonight? 

How do you fit in rooms?
How do you stay so humble?
Bored and masturbating 
All of this kitsch and schadenfreude
Takes its toll
Craving intimacy 
In the most romantic way 
Spritz of blitz
A mistake you can't erase
Dirty boys
With doll wrists
Politics for bitches
And all the songs like scars
Spray-painted on our neon hearts 

Bitch, that's overrated
Submitting to new energy 
Dissolute and salivating
Ball gag and chain 
When the dust settles
I think you can read my mind
I think you ruined my life 
Now you're kissing strangers at night 
In dreams of love
With no cure. 

  • Author: Jordan Cash (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 9th, 2024 14:52
  • Category: Unclassified
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