The Saga of the 44 Trees continues

Anthony “Tappy” Paull

Do you remember the tale of 44 trees

That were in the forest of Prachin Buri


A woodcutter and his team traveled to find 

And found themselves in a bit of a bind


For scammers had tried to sell them the trees

They did not own but still took the money for these


By the time that woodcutter had worked out what happened

The money gone no trees and the scammers in the wind


For justice now the woodcutter seeks 

And goes to the local Police then to speak


But at first they say this not a Police matter

With a Lawyer then court you will need to chatter


The Public Defender agreed and then called

The accused said scammers to come to his hall


They appeared and spoke briefly but no agreement for now

Telling a story that money was with another who was out of town


So what could the woodcutter do but agree

To wait for the others return and then see.


It seems all was lost for no contact was made

What further recourse on these people can be made


The woodcutter says they will try one more time

They go to their local Police Station to find


What can be done is this not a criminal matter

To take money for something you don’t own then scatter


But this time the Officer surely agrees to move forward

For this incomplete transaction was a clear case of fraud


But alas he can only take a statement and complaint for now

The local Police must issue warrant you must go back somehow


So another full day out on the road

The poor woodcutter carries the load


Without money or trees how can he survive

Can he recover what has been lost to once again thrive


The Police at the station took sometime to agree

But then issued summons for the defendant party


So home went the woodcutter again to wait

To hear from the Police of the accused party’s fate


But alas when the phone rings it isn’t good news

Summons served but no answer what more can he do


The Police said you must come again to relog the report

And this time the officer said with a taut


If you travel a day we can promise to you

We will serve another summons to those who are due


And this time when delivered if they refuse to be seen

We will issue a warrant to arrest them wherever they’ve been


So on goes this tale of woe

The 44 trees are still a no show.







  • Author: Tappy (Pseudonym) (Online Online)
  • Published: June 9th, 2024 21:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: A colourful depiction of actual events that continue to transpire. In the end it might wind up as a Trilogy.
  • Category: Unclassified
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