Dear Baby Caterina.

David Wakeling

My dear baby girl, asleep in your sacred keep,

Worry not, my little one,

Be at peace, my dearest, stay protected and sleep,

For my life, now, is undone.

I am dying, and there is nothing they can do.

Death is just outside my door,

But, my precious one, he is not here to take you. 

I cannot live anymore.

The ancient wheel that turns slowly has chosen me.

This, is my note to you, and one day you will see,

That you are my second heart, my eternity.


Caterina, let the winds blow gently always.

Let the rains be soft and kind.

Let your long life be bathed in hope, all of your days,

And Love encircle your mind.

I pray this grey cloudy sky will often be blue.

So you will learn how to care.

Caterina, I hope that the angels sing for you,

And you see God everywhere.

My life is unfinished, the firelight is fading.

You my darling are the glorious dawn breaking.

You are my strength, my soul and my awakening.

As the dark closes my eyes I must say goodnight.

I must leave without a trace,

And although I was poor I was not without light.

I was taught to live in grace.

This treason of the soul won't sadden me at all.

I will never see your face.

I will never watch you grow and see you stand tall.

This is not our time or place.

But you are my full circle , you are my design,

So walk in heavens glow, my sweet heart , my reason,

Forever surrounded by the light of the Sun.


Oh, loving God who allows this deed to be done.

Forgive my hesitation.

But in my last sleep , a new wisdom has begun.

And the peace, I dare not shun,

Embraces me as when I first fell in love's spell.

This is the new conception,

And so I welcome the tolling of the church bell.

Be at peace my precious one.

It may be wrong for me to abandon my watch.

Frail flesh and a gentle heart cannot bare so much.

Life, is to be lived alone, Death is human touch.


  • Author: David Wakeling (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 11th, 2024 00:13
  • Category: Unclassified
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