We Meet Some Day

Dev Parth

In the whisper of the morning breeze,
I hear a promise softly tease,
That somewhere in the future's haze,
We meet some day, through winding ways.
Beneath the canopy of endless skies,
With dreams reflected in our eyes,
We’ll bridge the distance, hearts will say,
We meet some day, and find our way.
Through seasons turning, sun and rain,
Across the joy, amidst the pain,
With every step, though far we stray,
We meet some day, not far away.
In quiet moments, thoughts will blend,
In letters sent, the messages we send,
With hope that grows, come what may,
We meet some day, in light’s array.
When time is right and paths align,
When stars above distinctly shine,
In that bright hour, love will convey,
We meet some day, and there we’ll stay.
So hold this promise close and true,
Though miles apart, I think of you,
With faith in heart, I softly pray,
We meet some day, and love will stay.

We Meet Some Day.
May That Day B Pleasant & Bright.
Heart 2 Heart, Face 2 Face.
Close After So Far Apart.
Heart 2 Heart, Face 2 Face. Finally, Hapi Finality.
Reality: U & I, Really?
Patiently & Certainty Made This Happen. Our Souls, Now, United.
Disillusioned, Has Gone Astray. Somehow, Our Separated Souls Kept Surviving Knowing We Meet Some Day.

So let this love live in our hearts
Make the puzzle out of small parts
And embrace every cheerful laugh
Make the distance shrink in it's thought
Even the moon's closer with you
The sky turns happy, it turns blue
Crystal-clear waters giggle joy
As you call my name, silly boy
The echo shouts and the world turns
I feel inside that the span burns
The span that separated us
Now will push together two loves
When the sun shines so bright I hope
Not even my bones nor flesh doubt
That if you come, then you will stay
And that we'll meet again someday

  • Authors: Dev parth (Pseudonym), Broken Ankh, Anna I.
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  • Finished: June 27th, 2024 23:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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