Helpless Love

Mason Vollman

As amazing as Love is,
Its kind of annoying,
The love I have for you could never go away,
Its not that I want it to,
Or like it ever could,
Your just always on my mind,
Changing my daily mood.
I love being around you,
I can’t help it but smile.
I just wanna talk,
Have a shoulder to cry on,
When I'm with you, I'm holding back my smile,
When i'm far, i'm holding back my crying,
Your always on my mind,
And i'm always trying to be a better me,
But I cant always see?
I wish the real world would just stop hassling me.
I love being in love,
I will never get sick of it,
But when the thought of you,
Enters my mind, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.
I’ve been in a better mood lately,
I’ve been so helplessly exited,
Waiting for the next time we meet.
I always thought I failed,
But I Love You,
Even if when I say it,
My face goes white,
And I turn pale.
I’ve always wanted to run,
And never stop running,
But since I found you,
Everything is now sunny.
I wonder what it's like to have somebody,
I wonder if i’d still be alone,
Wanting somebody,
I wonder if I'd just accepted, It's Me.
And I can’t get this love to go away…
It’s sitting by the overcoat..
The second shelf, the note she wrote…
That I can’t bring myself to throw away…
And what I couldn't before, do and say,
Is finally now, a brand new way,
This Love I feel that I can’t get to go away.
I wonder what it’s like to be with somebody,
I don’t know if I've ever been good enough.
I’ve known what it's like to love somebody,
But it’s never been mutual enough.
I've never had such a big dream come true,
It’s almost unfathomable,
My love for You,
And I don't know if I've ever been good enough.
I know how I feel is true,
But I feel like my past is caving in.
I can't get my feelings to go away,
Even If we never see each other again,
Those feelings will be there till the end.

So, no matter how much any of us try and push it away
My love will always stay
It won't go and neither will I
Not until the day I die

A love that never dies
A love that never leaves
A love that will always stay
Forever a secret
Buried along with me
And on my grave,
there would be a blooming bright yellow sunflower
Facing the sun,
Thriving in the storms
And surrounded by butterflies
The sickly sweet nectar attracts the ants and the bees
Just the way you make me feel
Not a single day I regret loving you
So when you come to visit my grave,
Perhaps you can tell
A symbolism of my undying love for you
Two butterflies who will meet again in the next life

True love never dies
if it does it was not love
doesn't matter ignorant of wise
always there come push of shove

No matter how much you fight
You'll always feel that spark or light

……love lost has cost souls, left cold and exposed those who sported it lightly, might be, gone but still spicy. Every since she left my attitude became icy.

Love is a losers game
Once it's found
Always retained.

No matter is you lose
You may always leave a bruise


be bonded by your feelings never let go
say i love you forever even in shopco

Love is patient and Love is kind,
Love is not jealous or full of pride.
Love is not arrogant or self focused,
Love is giving without seeking notice.

In those places where happiness lies,
Where loves reflection softly abides,
And face painted by nature's hand,
In her beautiful hazel eyes I stand.

Was it love that made me or the lust of to bodies that were elpoing
Not matter the answer to that equation, I'm still left with only one explanation
It's what's kept me falling head over heels on every occasion
No matter how lost or broken, even going on vacation
Love brought me a savoury as it was never forsaken
Yet often I still those suffering in depths of failing desperation

As crazy as it sounds remember a lie, because the truth is love which you've truly recognized,

Do not forget the bad, always acknowledge the lie
For in the darkest night, the truth comes to light
We need the coldest hour, only then can love truly warm her flower

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