Notice of absence from Zelda
sorry if im not online probably playing video games

love is a feeling the heart knows well
its something even death cannot end
something you sometimes need to learn
but in the end,love is the most amazing feeling

There's things in life,
You can break and bend,
And there's things like love,
That can never end,
It's always there,
From the start,
Even before, you get to know there heart,
Love is something,
That we all have in common,
Those who lost it, are only left wanting,
Our body's die,
And continue rotting,
As for love is eternal,
And fly upon Him.
The feeling of love,
Is so amazing,
If your chance comes...
You better go chasing!

The fact that woodpeckers
Can headbutt a tree
Up to twenty times a second
With no complications
Is surely enough evidence
That the Creator's Imagination
Is a loving operation

I noticed this,
When I gained realization,
That the Lord still loves us,
Even through pain and hardships.
He loves you through, highs and lows,
Spikes and dips,
So do I to you,
And that will never give.
I totally understand your answer,
You were scared and shy,
Like I once was,
Before I began to try,
If you still like me,
And accept my apology,
Then I won't let this,
Affect you and me.
And if you want I'll try again,
And again,
Until the end,
Until I win,
Until my hand dies and I drop this pen,
Until me and you,
Can be forever friends..
Love is an amazing feeling,
That's indeed.
Sometimes love is hard to succeed.
But past mistakes, can't affect you and me,
You to forgive me, is my only dream.

if only we knew
what the future held
I'll stay by your side
as you stay by mine
if i grow up
will you miss me?
will you forget me?
will you still love me?
love is so powerful
im lucky to have so much from you!

We may not know what the future holds,
But let's find out together,
My hand in yours.
Surely we'll grow up,
But we'll grow up together.
Miss you: Yes!
Forget you: No!
Love you: Forever,
As we slowly grow...
And the future begins to show..
I may not know what the future hides,
But I do know for now,
I face it by your side.

You're with me
Life is fine
You're not with me
Why should I cry?
Do I have the courage
To question who is this "me"?
What if it can never
Love unconditionally?
Circling for aeons
In the pleasure and misery
Of imagined separation
From The Creator and
The Creation?

  • Authors: zelda (Pseudonym), Mason Vollman, Mutley Ravishes
  • Visible: All lines
  • Published: July 1st, 2024 12:36
  • Limit: 15 stanzas
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: pls join my poem and make it better
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