Behind my hair

Behind my hair are two brown eyes

They hide behind from all the lies

Blinded by hair, straight and brown

They never look up but they look down

Behind my hair my mouth shuts tight

When it wants to open I just bite

Held in things take its toll on me

Hair in my face won’t let me see

Behind my hair there is strife

Tucked in tight and packed for life

There is someone who strives to give

But he strives more just to live

He wonders how his life could worsen

Behind my hair there is @ person

Behind my hair is @ secret pain

Thats been left out in pouring rain

Reaching out in tears and cries

Streching out to cloudy skies

Behind my hair depression weeps

@ restless sleeping beauty sleeps

Dreaming of the world that he once knew

Knowing that it cannot come true

Behind my hair is an open mind

Though that may take some time to find

I have a lot of things to share

But something’s shy behind my hair


  • Kri2arch

    Thats a very nice sad poem.

  • lulu

    oooooooooooooooooooooooh very nice sad poem i loved it so so much cheers :D keep it up :)

  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    Uff.. this is great ... your inspiration can take the reader to see that more and beatiful poems are on the way....
    You are good!.....

  • kiraspring

    wat can i say its gr8t ur a really good poet

    • nair36

      thank u. and dido

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