Second Chance

A beauty beyond art

Sometimes it’s unbelievable

I can look into your heart

But only hope that it’s receivable


When our eyes meet

My head grows light

My heart skips a beat

Like silence in the night


Ethereal brown hair

Hiding umber brown eyes

Skin soft like a prayer

Where surreal beauty lies


There was a time

When we were in love

Just like lemon and lime

Which now we are neither of


I can’t help but ponder

The reason we drifted

Were young, lets wander

With our fresh spirits lifted


And now here we are

Standing face to face

You’re my cerulean star

You say that I’m your first place


I held your hand

Time stood perfectly still

I told you I understand

And your eyes started to spill


I kissed you so gentle

With my hand on your waist

It was so sentimental

That time could have spaced


With each touch of our lips

Roses sprout from the earth

Again my heart skips

For all that is worth


But how can we kiss?

When this doesn’t make sense

Our whole story of bliss

Is now beyond a past tense


We have much to learn

In this recovered romance

I am just happy to earn

A second chance


  • lulu

    cooooooooooooooooooooool very nice poem :)

    especially when you held her hand & time stood still

    cool man keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep it up :)

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