Something New.

I'm trying to find my light again,

I shone so bright

before you walked in to my life.

There was sunny days with you,

moments I would die to relive.

You had your darkness,

and I tried to pull you free.

A snake always has a

kind face.

You made me believe that

you were something different.

You appeared to be kind,

and trust worthy.

I remember thinking

that I should just tell you

how I feel, right then,

at that moment.

I didn't, and for that I am


I was amazing before you,

and I'll be better off without you.

You may think you have broken

me, but in the end you made

me grateful,

without pain

there is no lesson learned.

You proved your point,

you can't be tamed.

In the end, I hope for

one moment in time,

you miss me.

I'll already be moving on with my life..

So tonight, I'll let the memory of you

burn in my brain.

By tomorrow, I will be well over

you, and looking for something new.


  • Kri2arch

    I loooooove it!

  • nair36

    nice, it's a little hard 2 move on @ first but its easier once ur moving on

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