It's been three weeks since I heard your voice.

It's been three weeks since i've had a full night of sleep.

It's been three weeks since the last time I felt my heart.

It's been three weeks.

It has been three weeks.

Twenty One days.

I guess when lighting and thunder

combine more than one time

it will rain down all on me.

Your silence deafend me

to the world.

Loved ones trying to reach out

to me.

I can't see past you.

or even who I thought you were.

The promises I saw behind your

beautiful green eyes,

They seemed endless,

and I jumped hard

into the pit of perfect dreams,

and broken promises.

Not only did I break my heart,

my soul,

my pride.

I lost my reason to love.

I am trying so hard to get over you,

and it works for the most part,

until someone says your name,

and it starts to rain...

and on the inside I am in so much pain,

I want to tear my heart from my chest

and plead for it to just forget about you.

It's been three damn weeks.

Night after day,day after night.

I do not sleep, because I don't

think my heart could take

seeing you tonight.

I smoke to make the feelings go away

I pop pills to make everything go away

I drink to try and make you go away

but you take up so much of my heart

that it's to hard to forget to remember you.


  • bernard franklin

    Hi Bree, You must be going through some serious suffering to have written these words. I really liked you poem especially the lines:-
    "and I jumped hard
    into the pit of perfect dreams," Nicely done , keep up the good work BF

  • Kri2arch

    How r u ? Its been a long time, but hey, its a nice poem

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