Dr.Sandhya Tiwari


Nothing is permanent

Change is imminent

Everyday trends are found

With expectancy unbound

Education sector is going through alteration

With reasons like updation, improvisation, transformation

Major role played is by globalization

SAP, JAWA, C, C+, C++, Oracle

Everyday some strange miracle

Job seekers face confusion

Parents get hypertension

Employers command

The course they did last semester is not in demand

Update and come

Again the face of parent and ward full of glum

Communication Skills was once the buzz word

HR was ruling like monarch and Lord

But now soft skills has become important to strike the accord

Everything was ephemeral

But for many families the loss was not temporal

The needs and skills

Wondering about them fear fills

The young and exuberant

Are left untapped to stagnate


  • Kri2arch

    Its the same here in Ghana...i like the poem

    • Dr.Sandhya Tiwari

      the world is really a small place, things are not very different at many places.
      thanks for your response, and I'm honored with your rating.

      • Kri2arch

        How i wished i could write like you. But any time i try , it doesn't sound nice to me

      • bernard franklin

        Hello Sandhya, I think that these rapid changes in the education system are happening all over the world, It's as if the whole world is fighting itself to be and to produce the best, many good students get left behind because of this. Your poem is very good and flows beautifully, I especially like the lines:-
        "Everything was ephemeral
        But for many families the loss was not temporal"
        9/10 Excellent.

      • Dr.Sandhya Tiwari

        Thanks Franklin, for reverberating the essence of my poem.

        But it really pains me as a teacher when I see students for economically backward families bearing the brunt.

        The poem is the result of observation and empathy and I think it appealed to you my honorable reader.


      • Rahul

        It is a wonderful poem and you captured the spirit of the theme ver well. I liked it Sandhya

      • jvl narasimha rao

        DEAR mRS SANDHYA, YOUR POEM IS OUTSTANDING and depicts the contemporary society in its true colours.What you say is applicable across the globe.I have rated your poem with a 10.
        yours sincerely,

        • Dr.Sandhya Tiwari

          Thanks a lot sir.
          I am happy.

          Dr.Sandhya tiwari

        • Soumita Sarkar

          Hi Sandhya ma'm............your verse has justified the education status in general...........the students are at mercy...........liked it much.I invite u to read my poems and comment upon them.Thank you for sharing this poem.............keep writing....

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