Dr.Sandhya Tiwari


All my life since childhood I was fascinated

With the art of persuasion making others delighted

Sense and sensibility are a combination rare

Why not help others than just stand and stare

I started observing the marathon session 

Father had with mother to challenge her decision

But perseverant as she was with a logical mind

Appeared as though naïve and all benign


Childhood passed I became more observant and vigilant

Not just parents but the countless speeches

Presentations, panel shows and debates on TV held

How quick were they to grasping what others told

Observing even quiver of a muscle and slight raised brow

With learning the nuances of the art of speaking I grew

Is there something special about speaking as an art?

Young though was I, wanted to test and start

Trepidation at heart, speech full of ifs and buts

Repetition, fragments and mistakes galore

Still always I craved for chance, one more


Days passed with the constant effort I progressed

Prepared and geared up to learn than feel forever embarrassed

Through practice fear turned into stimulant

Remarks, anecdotes came naturally and my talk became potent

Speaking is difficult than acting of actors on stage

No place for correction as no second or third takes

When hall is full of people occupying chairs

Once you perform and finish the presentation

Sense elated, inexpressible relief and jubilation

It is over and everything as expected went on well

Sans butterflies in stomach the chest swells


Learn you all, this sure short steps to master the oratory

Without which incomplete would be the success trajectory

To muster the courage and prepare the ground

The first and foremost thing is to know what is required

With question like WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW

Once you answer and prepare well your audience are sure to bow


Once ready with the material and the write up done

Read, read and read not once, twice, thrice

But read till you perfect even if takes fifty, no compromise

Repeat reading till it commits to memory

That will adorn you the speaker with glory


Stepping the feet on the podium when you stand

Never lean or hold tight the lectern with hands

The audience would see with their eyes glued

Initially for a few minutes till have proved

You are comfortable with the front restless groove

Displaying the audacity with natural posture

Like the Obama at the inaugural presidential address

Be prepared to exploit the power pause and speaking silence

The rhythm of language texture is the mark of a great speech

Rise and fall, pitch and tone the language teachers teach

The heightening of intensity with the agility of an athlete

Is an essential factor for emphasis and important a trait

This will benefit the audience off and on stage

Work hard and reap success by training your pallet


It is absolutely required that you look at your audience

As they expect you to talk to them to the text

For this be comfortable with your speech

Practice till words become compatible like fiancé

Select the phrases and the words of power

Attract, mesmerize and enthrall irrespective of sex, age and all

Remember and recollect President Kennedy’s address

Heart filled with pride reflected the face

Anchored towards audience, alive and passionate

He just talked to the audience not to the text

Hail thee! O great orator the listeners are sure to amaze.

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