a broken hearted prayer.

if i don't make it through tonight
please let his memory drift out of sight
as i wonder into your world, everything is to bright
as the heavens danced around me
I finally felt free.
As I looked back,
I was smacked with
the thought of loosing life forever.
I never wanted to lose you,
and I lost you.
There was no fight, no argument,
you just fell of the side of the planet.
my heart begins to swell.
I have learned not to dwell on
these sort of things.
This will not be farewell.
As I fight to get back to my life
God whispers in my ear,
the pain could stop here.
Why would I want it to stop?
This pain has been keeping me alive.
It is in my cards to survive.
As I start to breathe again,
my chest moving slightly,
and my heart contracts tightly.
I say to God, politely.
Please don't wait for me,
it will be along time.
and I might just be on the other side.
The angels laughed,
and god just smiled
and said, try not to be too wild.
and with that,
I fade back in consciousness
and I see you above me
you whispered you loved me
I didn't know if it was you
or god, or my mind
but you were sweet and kind
you were there to remind me
that we were designed to
make mistakes,
and fall,
and to get back up
again is what makes us strong.
and if i was wrong,
we wouldn't belong.


  • nikhilps

    nice poem!!

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