The lost soul

Whenever I close my eyes

I wake up drenched in sweat

I wish I could turn back time

Every road I take to lead to you

Makes me lost in a land of nowhere

Whenever I ask clouds about you

Their tears submerge me in the sea of grief


Wish I could rectify my wrongs

I search for you from lands to lands

Every time the sigh of wind darkens my candle

I question about your existence to the forest

In dismay it sheds its leaves


The value of your existence was unknown to me

You didn’t leave me alone, you

Took my soul away

I pray over my life to have you once again

Wish I wouldn’t have taken you for granted.




  • jvl narasimha rao

    Dear AYESHABEG, This is a wonderful poem.It inspires me to write better poetry.
    yours lovingly,


      Dear jvl narasimha rao
      thank you very much..i really adore your poem universal teacher..
      take care.

    • bernard franklin

      Hi Ayeshabeg, I really enjoyed reading your poem, It's full of poignant remembrance for something treasured and now lost. Your poems are really very accomplished. keep up the good work.
      Bernard Franklin

    • Lifewellspoken

      I love this poem, keep up the great writing.
      Nice photo.

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