Dr.Sandhya Tiwari


Who will cry when we die?

As we all human beings on the earth try

Lead a life awry

Devoid of noble human principles

Truthfulness, humility, compassion and the like


How many really attempt

To help others

If not everyone

Least that is our near and dear ones


To keep the things moving

Quick is mind in thinking

Excuses reasons and all such lie

Considering them to be treasure we are on high


As said by Nehru “Mind is a wayward creature”

Unless we have had a great teacher

The parents, society or the situation

Mould us for the better to attain emancipation


Knowing well the truth

As humans and mortal we all are destined to die

Forget the fact

We are guests in the world for awhile


Some less, some more

Years meted by God

We complain and guile

Rather than making the most of our stay on the soil


Who is to be blamed?

The creator or the created

The ignorance bestowed upon humans

Is a challenge


Into opportunity it opens

Truth upon dwelling unravels

Glory which is full of sheen

Knowledge is converted into wisdom


HE, the creator

Has predestined our fate

Before the birth

Aware of it, lets make the most of life

Filling it with happiness and mirth


* * * * *

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