I had one before but this hurt more,
It's painful so i close my heart door,
But it doesn't help i left you in it,
Deep down in my heart,
I let you feel every beat,
I enjoyed every moment with you,it was so special,
It never cross my mind we could end up in a battle,
We cross the line things will no longer settle,
What we gave to each other were more not little,
Thus why you flow together with pain in my vein,
You make me do things people consider i'm insane,
And it is you to blame,
Food no longer have the same taste,
For this my love i had for you turn into hate,
I lose my weight,and i make another hole on my belt,
It has to stop and only an Angel can amend it...THE BROKEN HEART.


  • licia

    i love the end rhymes the poem is so insightful makes me wanna cry keep it up

  • meadowsprings

    your peom is brilliant. so beautiful .

  • nair36

    great poem! :)

  • jayaspoet

    thanx guys 4 rate n' comments!

  • jayaspoet

    thanx guys 4 rate n' comments!

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