Everyday's the same

everyone's always the same

trying to hurt her

in a way that destroys her each time


he does the most damage

just by ignoring her

not even realising that she exists

he's the only one who can truly hurt her


they keep trying

trying to kill her

trying to make her leave

and never come back

he laughs at a joke

not even helping her


oh how he breaks her heart!!


she starts thinking about

how she can leave

and stop hurting

stop having to feel this pain

again and again


leaving the earth for good !!


She walks behind him

see's him crossing the road

see's the car ...


She runs out pushing him aside

as the car hits her

making her fly in the sky

she lands and see's him running towards her.


He stops beside her

kneeling down

with tears in his eyes

he tells her to hold on

slowly her eyes close as her breathing stops

he cries for her


at the funeral he stands at her grave

and cries

for she saved his life

even though he never helped her

everyone who tried hurting her won

though their victory was never celebrated

their guilt

destroying them.


They apologise again and again

but for her it's to late

to late for him to tell her

tell her thank you

to tell her he's sorry.


She gave her life

But they were the one's who suffered

in the end she had the last laugh

for she gave her life

for the one she loved

and they life with their guilt


Now and forever!!!


  • jayaspoet

    it touch,.i lyk it..

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