Breath In And Breath Out

I’m not letting go

I’m holding on,

I’m holding on tight

And I know we will yell,

We’ll get angry, we’ll fight

I’ll get hurt and I will cry

Yet, you can’t make me leave

But I know you will try


You will test me

You’ll push it, as far as you can

Remembering those who left,

Those who saw and ran

But I’m not going anywhere

I’ve planted my feet

That will take some getting used to

And I will give you time,

As much as you need


But during it all, I’ll be right here

We’ll have our alone time

But I’ll always reappear

No matter how hard you’ll struggle,

We’ll get through

And by we, I mean the both of us together

As in me, alongside you


And when you break down

I will be there

Ready for anything

Anytime, anywhere


So for now,

Just breath in and breath out

Because I love you

Maybe beyond reason,

Certainly beyond doubt


  • nair36

    this is a really good poem. someone's really lucky.

    • Fran

      Thank you, for the comment, and for taking the time to read my poems. Really appreciate it

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