Trust Issues

If you doubt this,

I’d like to know

If you don’t want me to stay,

Just ask me to go


If you’re not sure

That what we’re doing is right,

Tell me

It’s going to hurt so much more

When you don’t and eventually I find out you lied


If you don't see this working out,

If you don’t see this going anywhere

Please, don’t hold back,

Talk to me,



I can’t deal with lies

I can’t deal with dishonesty

I prefer the truth, always, definitely


There’s no point in pretending,

No point in playing a game

Why bother,

In the end, the outcome will be the same;

You will leave

And I’ll be alone

Hurt, lied to, humiliated, and so on

The same repetitive pattern

Weighing down on me

I’m not accusing you of being a liar

But please, please don’t be

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