Give it your own name. :)

Shattered and broken, 
Fearless and unspoken , 
my fire , 
once buring so big and birght , 
is now black smoke,
with no light , 
walking through this world ,
blind , 

Grab my hand, 
before it goes completely numb , 
try to guide me , 
to the start line , 
then leave me helpless ,
to find the finish line , 

Let me fall down , 
scrap my knees,
and get cuts deep enough ,
to see what runs through my veins ,
only to get back up ,
and fall down once again.


  • nair36

    You always have great poems. Keep it up 🙂

  • SOLO

    this was a nice poem
    you have talent keep it up i want
    to read more

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