With You

Dark clouds rain

They even thunder

Only you remain

To make me wonder


What lies yonder?

Beyond the blue sea

I stop to ponder

About you and me


I thank love

And our creator

These feelings are great

But you are greater


How does one?

Feel so gifted

When I felt done

You had me lifted


Birds fly high

Some stay low

Your wings defy

Your golden halo


Money can gather

In my view

But I would rather

Be with you


You understand

There is no rush

Poker’s a hand

You’re my royal flush


Grass grows green

You grow wings

I was unseen

But you saw things


My thoughts at rest

My worries too

I feel the best

When I’m with you


  • lulu

    oooh first of all nice..cute..amazing poem & u should have put it in the love category ..but is there a this poem written for a certain girl ?!!!! 😛 🙂 😀

  • ChyChyBaby

    Very Nicely written Doll(:
    I like the rytham this poem has.
    Haha, And for who ever this poem is for, they are very lucky(:

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