Letting You Go

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of just letting you go,
Aiming so far away and throwing you just like the bow would an arrow.
To keep thinking about you, do I want to? – no I don’t,
It’s not that I can’t but also the possibilities that I won’t.
You really need to stop holding on and just go on bye,
‘Cause honey let me tell you – I’m not that angel in the sky.
Don’t just sit around in life now and wonder why,
All that will do is upset you and make you cry.
Please just turn around and go your own way,
Trust me your life will work out better one day.
You really need to find someone that you can hold and love,
Maybe one day God will bless you with someone like a dove.
In my thoughts you’re stuck like glue,
So letting you go is so very hard to do.
I’m truly sorry if I have hurt you in any way,
But I do have vowels that I have to obey.

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