Wonder Woman Mom

I’m saying I love you though this poem’s just begun

To my mom whom without whom life would be no fun

I made this so you can have it forever like a T.V rerun

To a mother who makes me much more than a son

I made you a ribbon that said number one mom as a child

You still are because you raised and loved a kid so wild

I always love you, even at the times I never smiled

I say I love you again and the love is now over piled

But it’s good that it overflows because you’re like glue

You hold this family together, in, out and through

I’m saying these things because they’re very true

In this life and the next I’ll forever love you

You looked to the lord when this all began

God has his strategies but you’re his special plan

You hold me up straight the best that you can

You’ve made me from a little boy into a man

But I’ll always be your baby to you in your eyes

And you’ll be my mother, my everyday surprise

I’ve said things in the past that was just a disguise

To cover my feelings but they where just lies

You’re like a mom Wonder Woman, Momma knows

I think it’s your lasso of truth, but I only suppose

I know all about your secret identity twinkle toes

Your power succeeds all the Supper Nanny pros

Through out everything you’ve always been there for me

Your love is priceless but now mine for you is free

You’re the best for holding together this family of three

Ask the rest of the family I’m sure they will agree


  • Cheeky Missy

    My mom too! Can't beat our mothers!....They are the GREATEST!!! I LOVED this sweet tribute to your mom!

    • nair36

      Thank you for your comment and 10. Yeah mothers are some kind of special that words can't explain. Poetry can give you an idea but mothers are the greatest. I titled it Wonder Woman Mom because her favorite super hero as a little girl was Wonder Woman and she always wanted to be like her. To me she is so her dream came true.

      • Cheeky Missy

        That is so very sweet of you....and the way it ought to be! Thanks for explaining the title, it makes it all the sweeter. Again, I really enjoyed this piece!

      • lulu

        Nice poem and full of emotions too I LOVED it it was the type of poem I was waiting for someone to write :) glad u wrote it :D

        • nair36

          Thank you Lulu. YTG (You're The Greatest)

          • nair36

            Thank you Lulu. YTG (You're The Greatest)

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          • lynn

            Such love you hold for your Mom. It's a great thing to be able to express you Love,and Praise for you mother. She sounds like an Amazing Woman. Loved the poem.

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