The Poem Before Christmas

A young couple of two richer than me and you

Where sending there love to each other by text

What made them wealthy was a relationship so healthy

And they were planning what to do next

Not very much money but they made their lives funny

Humor was their escape from a world too real

The real world would unfold as the way that they told

The year seemed to zoom by with zeal

They had similar pasts that made them outcasts

But they both loved each other so

They left the past behind and agreed not to rewind

To a place that made them feel low

They made a vow to stay in the time that is now

And to never hence have hurt again

Some may judge their ways but they cherished their days

Now this all starts with a sheet and a pen

The man wrote a letter to make the holiday better

For his caring and gorgeous wife

More like a poem expression it was pure art no question

To the one who lightened his life

Since they were poor he made gift without store

No money was needed for them

He read her his present that was ever so pleasant

She was his flower and he was her stem

She recited her poem right there that was more like a prayer

  She made him one too that was ever so right

Rather then real it was bliss all you need is this

Now this ends with their kiss goodnight

Love is mysterious but when it is serious

You decide what to make it to be

This couple is clear that they live on a sphere

That they decide to make their sphere free


  • lulu

    Nice poem .. Btw happy Christmas and a happy new year :)
    Love These love poems :D

  • Cheeky Missy

    Aw....this is so very sweet! I LOVE this one! It beat "Twas the Night Before Christmas" all hollow for sweetness! It is so romantic!

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