The murmur of an "elevener"!


The spelling of 'maths' has drastically changed,
as the chapters in XI have ranged.;
From sets to stats and algebra to trigo,
the subject no more seems an 'amigo'!
With teachers struggle to complete the race,
only thing we do is stare at sir's face;
the formulae of trigo are like 'fine daggers',
already made to 'slaughter' us!
sometimes we 'wonder' who must have made maths,
and due to whom we flit like 'mad rats'!
This is the suffering of we 'elevener',
because our lives no more remained better!

Thus having read your part,
I would like to add what is there in my heart...
Cause the maths of class nine
Compared to class 11 is no better or benign,
The proportions are like mazes of 'x','y','z'
More mingled in form than the families of the newly wed,
Shares and Dividends and Banking...
From teens unto cuckolds they bring
Getting a black ball from five brown ones,
Is no more probable than the fulfillment of the oath of a dunce
Proving sums, finding quotients, while listening to californication
And finding the angle of a person's view in mensuration
No matter what is said about this subject
Torture, Oppression and Suicide is its object!

  • Authors: versifier (Pseudonym), Quiller
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  • Finished: February 21st, 2011 07:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Its a rhyming poem telling about the feelings of a student who finds mathematics to be very tough and that the subject has undergone an enormous change between the two class standards!
  • Category: Humor
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