Life pails away hopeful times

The unconvention of birth defects

The submissive of future prudent

The incentive measures of old ways ahead

In figuring statues for almost ready

Movements as to what God can do

Allowing fruitful mesmerizing

Cups of old wine, divine, and dining out

Promises made to certain obscurities

The old became new, the new became a few

Chandelliers hanging freely uprooting

Miscallenious offerings into old but new status

Freedom rings for old timers and new comers

Let us praise God above for late bloomers

Wide receivable motions penalty

Where rain fall to more than one

When rice drops to collect a few more

Where motions are still water ahead

Looking for new ways, days, plays

Feeding love in tubes of hope

Let's celebrate who God picks

Choosing one or many more

Making progress into process

Where moments are new at hand

Danger in plain sight ahead

When life pains you much, too much

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