It is time to write a poem!

When in a sombre nature

Or the antipode- a jolly tenor.

Dealt with below your stature

And positioned to a kingly manor,

The outcoming grief is curbed.

Watching a scene of an orphan disturbed,


Morning time, when nature plays

And discloses its pretty little wings,

When, gravely, a baptist prays

And your chest produces unworldly things,

When you meet a long lost mate

And find that his love has turned into hate,


With happy plans, parents come

But a mischief gives you their horrid scold,

Then, if anger turns you plum

And you stop all talk forcing them to fold

 Death of a love eats you up

Or jingoism cancels daily sups,


And tranquil is the present,

And you have a calm heart throbbing in you,

Then sit under the crescent,

And compose a little poem or two.

You will be read by many

And passing time will provide you plenty.


  • jvl narasimha rao

    Are you really fifteen, Your poem is wonderful

    • SauravRHS

      Yeah... I am fifteen. But I see all routes to posting my stuff closed. Can you help me out by suggesting where I can publish my articles?

    • SauravRHS

    • Belinda AMeharry

      How very wise this poem is.

      • SauravRHS

        Hehe! Thank you for your comment.

        • Belinda AMeharry

          You are very welcome.

        • Anna

          Omygod. This poem is beyond amazing!!!

          • SauravRHS

            Thank you very much!

          • nair36

            "When you meet a long lost mate and find that his love has turned into hate" I like this line the most. Keep up the good writing.

            • SauravRHS

              Thank you. Yeah, that line is also one of my favorites... Thank you!

            • Huzaidi Hashim

              Simply wow!

              • SauravRHS

                Thank you!

              • meigh

                my hats off to you. great poem

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