I pity ye o' authority for what dastards have ye turned to be,
Suppressing righteous marching limbs to cloak thy own fallacy. 
Against the principles preached by thee,ye've acted so blasphemously,
With evil lust in rapacious eyes ; Ye feed on our labors voraciously.

Ye bury the truth and strangle what's right in attempts to uphold thy monopoly. 
Ye burn the words that cry out loud of thy sinful dark-blood atrocity.
Ye dupe the world and dupe it again as if it were thy game for mere revelry.

Consumed in dellusive self grandeur ye consider beguiling a just policy,
And just ye claim thyself to be to force it on all in perpetuity.
But truth ye know yet ignorant to any plea ye dwell deep in despicable profanity,
Though ye point out faults in thy subjects so readily , fact be the fault lies solely in thee!

Restricting right to free speech and privacy ;ye seek to establish an autocracy,
When rises a subject agaisnt such felony ,with his spirits attenuated left affronted is he.
Shameful indeed it is to see how venal might silences just voice by treachery.
Painful it is to watch helplessly as the posers glorify their sway ceaselessly.
Ye speak so high and wisely so of perfecting thy subjects by iron rods if need be,
But great wisdom when showered through unworthy lips sounds less wise and is termed scurrility.

With limits of tolerance transcended already ;vengegul blood brings forth calamity,
Ignited from the furnace of hate so solemnly ;pledged at cremating all worldly tyranny.
Now with this strength flowing within me i ask thee...

O' Cut this toungue or burn these arms ,ye can't make the inner idea bleed,
Untouched ,unaltered ignited it'll be to ravage thy reign of despot majesty.
Repress a wave and confronted will ye be by fiendish forces of a fiery tsunami,
Rebellion be the path to meh destiny ,Revolution shall be brought by mutiny.

Blood and flesh so willingly; sacrificed at the alter of freedom ardently,
For when the wrath restrained; from sufferings cent;unleashes itself through a narrow vent, 
Scars and wounds be'th medals of honour and coffins in graves be'th luxurious manors.
No regrets to be slain nor a curse to the pain for freedom and justice be the ultimate gain.

So rise ye men for justice's sake to oppress the oppressor untill spine break.
Set ablaze his vexatious rules and flush his existence to hell through horrid whirlpools.
Blood paint the walls here and around ,let sweat and tears consecrate this ground,
For from this tomb of rebels shall rise; an obelisk of bones when the new era arrives.

Now fear the gaze of this Mutinizer who incites all thy subjects to mutiny,
And fear ye despot this Mutinizer to whom thy fall is his destiny.
Fear the one and fear them all who march united by their agony,
Fear lord incarnate Mutinizer for thy death begins with the birth of me!


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