Once upon a time,

There was great fight,

On who will become,

The king of the jungle.


There was a great competition,

Between the birds and the animals,

To decide who will become,

The undisputed king of the jungle.



There was a rumble,

And a roar,

Out came the former king,

The lion with a beautiful ring.


The eagle showed his stunts,

The tiger showed his roar,

There was a grumble from the boar,

And more grumbles from the jungle shore.



The lion saw all this,

And said”I want someone,

Who would work for all,

Not for his greed”


All became silent,

Not even one said yes,

The lion sighed and said,

I’ll be the king again”


From then on,

The lion has been the king,

Undisputed and fair,

No one opposed him from then on.

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