Nobody's Perfect

I am not a perfect person,

And I don't try to be.

I am just another imprisoned soul,

That is longing to be set free.


I don't want to be in this place anymore,

I don't want to shed anymore tears.

I'm sick of always hiding inside of myself,

This has gone on for too many years.


I don't want to show my emotions,

Or to tell you how I feel.

I just want to know the difference,

Between what is fake and what is real.


I'm just another lost soul,

That is waiting to be found.

I'm just another liability,

That you don't want around.


I'm just falling through the air,

And I'm about to hit the ground.

But I don't expect anyone to catch me,

Because no one wants me around.


No one really cares about me,

They just ignore me everyday.

No one really cares enough,

To even ask me if I'm okay.


Cause were all just who we are,

And everyone is a star.

And  I know that I'll go far,

After I win this war.


And in the end, words won't matter,

Cause in the end nothing stays the same.

And in the end dreams just scatter,

Cause in the end, Life's just a game.


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