Apologies for being weak, not using my eyes to see,

For making broken promises, which I could not keep.

Sorry for the pushing you away when all you tried to do was care

But I didnt want to hear, because of my cocunut head.


Stubborn to the core, that's the way I've always been.

But when you came into my life, touched my heart, girl I let you in.

Now I'm regretting every mistake I've made, damn its countless.

But it isn't fair, it isn’t right, the way I've been treating you.

You deserve so much more, It's about time I realize you are the one true thing in my life.

The one that makes all things well, turns my frown into a big smile

Make issues go bye, bye.


It's time that I wake up, time I fixed up, get my mind sharp before I'm left singing don’t know what you got till its gone.

Well I don’t wanna sing that song, forgive me i know i was wrong.

I apologize for failing you, for hurting you.

You deserve so much more and the least i can do is apologize, forgive me.

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