Fraudsters are wolves in sheep clothing

Their aim is to extort your hard earnings

They are predators roaming the street

seeking whom to devour

They are as cunning as a fox

lazy men and women,

who lurk around street and allies

for preys to claw on


Fradsters are wise thieves and robbers

Who need no guns nor weapon

They are clever and trickish

They cook up strange tales and stories

that when you hear you pity

But when you lend a helping hand

They strip you off your hard earns

and disappear as sudden as they had come


Fraudsters are truthful liars in disguise

who claim to be from distant land

with merchandise of great sort to sell

Oh! how convincing they can be

but in all, their prey be you

they impact great fear in you

And when they lay their hands on you,

they leave you to your own despair



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